K-State students say goodbye after semester comes to abrupt end


A popular location for senior pictures stands empty Friday, the day most K-State students began moving out of campus housing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Derek Darr/KMAN)

Many K-State seniors are not having the final semester of college they expected.

Due to safety concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, K-State has canceled commencement and moved all classes online. This makes for a tough situation for K-State seniors who left for spring break not knowing they would be seeing some of their friends and professors for possibly the last time.

These seniors will also not get the chance to walk on stage and receive their diplomas in front of family and friends that it took 4 years to get. Even graduation parties are being postponed by many until the all clear is given. Not to mention weddings for engaged couples scheduled right after graduation. While students understand these measures are being done for vital safety reasons, it still doesn’t make it an easy pill to swallow.

K-State senior Aubrey Cole, who is student teaching her final semester tells KMAN what it was like finding out all these changes.

      Aubrey student teaching

A popular location for K-State senior pictures empty. (Derek Darr/KMAN)

K-State Senior Bethany Weddle says it’s an odd time to be a K-State student.

      Weird semester

Weddle says she will miss the lost time with friends.

      Not being around friends last semester

Cole, who is still in Manhattan says she misses seeing her friends.

      All college friends are gone

As for commencement being cancelled, Cole says as time has gone on it’s become more apparent that she’s missing out on something special.

      Not as official

Weddle on the other hand wasn’t too upset about the cancellation of commencement.

      Commencement canceled

Students began moving out of on-campus residence halls and the Jardine apartments on Friday and have until March 30 to vacate campus.

K-state families headed into Wefald hall to move out 2 months earlier than expected. (Derek Darr/KMAN)

Families walking into Wefald hall to pack up their belongings. (Derek Darr/KMAN)




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