Kansas House Approves Budget, With Potential Education Cuts


The Kansas House has given final approval to the chamber’s version of a $14 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, including cuts to higher education. The bill vote was 68 to 55 in favor of the budget on Wednesday morning, which now sends the bill to the State Senate to debate the bill.

Kansas House Representative Sydney Carlin of Manhattan voted against the two year budget, citing that the 2015 budget would be $156 million in the red and that it would also include the sales tax (yet to be voted on) that would put the budget under another $300 million.

The cuts to higher education would mean a potential $10-$12 million cut for Kansas State University according to Carlin. The bill also requires all state agencies to pay their longevity bonuses which will also cost K-State an estimated $750,000.

Along with the cuts to higher education, the House debated a tax package that would divert money from the state transportation program to fund programs. Kansas House members rejected the proposal Wednesday afternoon.


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