Kansas State Assistant Professor Sentenced To Probation


A mistrial and the possibility of another hung jury has caused prosecutors to enter with a plea deal with a Kansas State professor facing rape allegations.

William Yankey is still under employment with Kansas State University’s College of Architecture, Planning and Design until the end of June.  Yankey was previously tried on the allegations of rape from an alleged incident involving digital penetration of a best friends wife in December of 2007.  That trial resulted in a mistrial due to a 6-6 split in the jury.

Chief Judge Meryl Wilson sentenced Yankey during a Thursday afternoon hearing at the Riley county courthouse. Yankey plead to reduced charges of  misdemeanor lewd and lascivious acts, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor criminal trespass.

Yankey received 36 months of unsupervised probation, is banned from contact with the alleged victim, and cannot enter Aggieville.  If Yankey violates probation he could possibly serve up to 18 months in county jail.

Judge Wilson withlawyer



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