Kansas Supreme Court Rules

Kansas Judicial Center, Topeka

Kansas Judicial Center, Topeka

A couple of area court cases have been ruled on at the Kansas Supreme Court level, with the high court agreeing with the lower court in both cases.

One in Riley County deals with Iron Mound LLC versus Nueterra Healthcare Management and Successor-in-Interest of ASC Group, LLC. The case deals with a contract involving the two parties, and Manhattan Surgical Center.

After Iron Mound dissolved its company, it continued to receive a percentage of management fees from Manhattan Surgical. But a second negotiated management agreement took effect,with the original managment agreement expiring, leading to discontinuation of payments to Iron Mound. 

Iron Mound sued for breach of contract, but Riley County District court and Judge Meryl Wilson denied the summary judgement to Iron Mound. The court of appeals had reversed the district court rulling, but the Supreme Court reversed that decision, in effect affirming the original district court decision  against Iron Mound.

The other case comes from Geary County involving Stanton Holt, who asked for a new trial after a conviction in 1994 of more than 60 offenses, including two counts of first degree murder in Junction City.

The high court indicated Holt was well beyond the time limit prescribed in Kansas law and states it does not consider Holt’s claim of ineffective assistance of counsel because it was rasied for the first time on appeal.

The Kansas Supreme Court affirmed the district court’s summary dismissal of the motion for a new trial, which was filed 16 years after Holt’s convictions.


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