Kidnapping/Felony Theft Trial pushed to October

On Monday afternoon a Manhattan man who recently fired his defense lawyer was before Riley County court for a pretrial hearing.
30-year-old Jerred Snyder appeared with his new defense lawyer Jillian Waesche-Seaton before Judge John Bosch, and requested a continuance in his case.  Waesche-Seaton informed the court that Snyder had agreed to allow her more time to catch up on the case, and enable her to mount a better defense against the charges facing Snyder.  Snyder voiced his agreement to the Judge to affirm the decision to waive a speedy trial.
Snyder is accused of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and other charges stemming from an incident in which police say Snyder threatened a man at gunpoint and stole his vehicle.
Judge Bosch granted the continuance, and Snyder’s trial is now set for October 15th, and 16th.  A motions hearing will take place on the two cases involving Snyder on August 27th.

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