Kimball improvements moving closer to fruition


A $40-plus million road and pedestrian improvement project is moving closer to construction.

The North Campus Corridor project will bring significant changes to sections of Kimball, North Manhattan, College and Denison Avenues. If planning and funding continues to move forward as expected, the project could get started with a bang as early as next summer.

The commission discussed funding strategies, Tuesday, which utilize a mix of city funds, KDOT and TIGER grants, STAR Bonds and help from Kansas State University.

The commission also discussed timelines and strategies for utilization of the quarter-cent sales tax voters approved this past election.

The city will begin collecting new revenues in May, which will continue to roll in for the next 10 years for a projected total of $27.5 million. The funds will be used to construct two new recreation centers at Anthony and Eisenhower Middle Schools in addition to improvements to Cico Park and city trails.


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