KU Reinforces Jayhawk Sculpture


LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) The latest edition of the Classic Jayhawk, a University of Kansas campus landmark sculpture, will be tougher than its predecessors and less likely to be rolled away thanks to a 3-foot anchor and three tons of concrete.

Over the years, the other Classic Jayhawks have been climbed on, knocked over and rolled along the Jayhawk Boulevard sidewalk.

But The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the new version of the Jayhawk sculpture in front of the Kanas Unions is due to be completed this month.

And while it might look the same, inside it’s an entirely different bird. The other Classic Jayhawks were hollow fiberglass. The new sculpture comes with a 3-foot-deep underground anchor and is filled with about three tons of concrete and steel rebar to help deter thefts.


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