LaPolice calls “Foul” While Huelskamp calls “Faux”


On Saturday afternoon a luncheon organized by Riley County Republicans featured candidates for state and national primary races.  Some of the speakers at the event included Governor Sam Brownback and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.  According to Riley County Republicans chairman Lee Moddesitt the event is sometimes jokingly referred to as the “candidate fry”, and it certainly lived up to its name with one pair of candidates as they squared off against each other.

Alan LaPolice has stated once again that Congressman Huelskamp refuses to debate with him, and pointed out that Saturday’s event wasn’t a debate as each candidate just had four minutes to speak with no moderator or questions.  A Huelskamp representative had indicated earlier that this event on Saturday was to be a debate according this The Hutchinson News article.

LaPolice leveled even more serious charges at Congressman Huelskamp as he railed against a newsletter he says Congressman Huelskamp sent to approximately 10,000 Republicans calling into question his use of his finances, and filled with “mostly lies” about LaPolice and his personal dealings.  LaPolice believes some of the information was gathered using “at least unethical” means, and questioned if they were legal.  In any case LaPolice says the information was improperly framed, and lacked correct context to be accurate.

Congressman Huelskamp pointed out that LaPolice hasn’t been living in Kansas, and doesn’t know the issues facing the constituency.  LaPolice rebutted that statement in a followup interview saying he’s been in residence for more than a year, and was living out of Kansas while fulfilling a contract involving a school district in California.  LaPolice says in fact he never changed his residency and has always had his permanent home within Kansas.

The primaries begin in August.


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