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Updated at 1:30 p.m. Thursday

The number of arrests in a multi-law enforcement drug-related operation is up to 81 now, with additional arrests expected. That was the word early Thursday afternoon, with 54 search warrants throughout Manhattan, Ogden, Junction City, and Grandview Plaza. During the searches a variety of narcotics and 17 firearms were seized. The case has also displaced a number of children, all which have been placed in protective custody.

The investigation involving the conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine culminated the past few days, with more than 180 law enforcement personnel involved. That includes sworn and non-sworn support staff from state and local agencies. Local offices include the Riley County Police Department, Junction City Police Department, Geary County Sheriff’s Office, Geary County Attorney’s Office, Grandview Plaza Police, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

The investigation into has been going on for about 13 months.

A news conference is planned Thursday afternoon at four in Junction City. KMAN’s Tom Reust will be there.


A large crackdown by local authorities has led to 81 drug-related arrests, involving crack cocaine.

KMAN news received word just before noon Wednesday from the Kansas bureau of Investigation that what the bureau calls a “complex investigation” was culminating, with not only the KBI, but also Riley, Geary, Junction City, and Grandview Plaza law enforcement authorities involved. Search warrants were being issued in Manhattan, Ogden, and Junction City.

Riley County police say they are helping to house suspects, and the following individuals appear to be a portion of those arrested in the operation.  More details will be forthcoming after a 4pm news conference in Junction City.

Names will be followed by reported bond amounts.  It is not clear who is still being held, or released at this time.  This is considered only a partial list at this time.

James Edward Smith Jr $15,000

Emerson Johnson Jr  no bond

Anthony Smith $15,000

Kenneth Bellamy $20,000

Walter Taylor $50,000

Doris Davis $70,000

April Banks $25,000

Angela Dunlap $100,000

Charles Humphreys $15,000

David Morgan $15,000

Morris Davis $15,000

Ronald Gayle $15,000

Joi Humphreys $15,000

Prescious Banks  $200,000

John Hurst $15,000

Johnson Rosella $15,000

Barbara Crumpton $200,000

Janice Rodriguez $15,000

Richard Verkerke $15,000

Susan Wilson $15,000

Sheila Scott $15,000

Olevia Humphreys $15,000


KMAN will be sharing more details after the press briefing at 4pm.



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