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Area law enforcement officials indicate things were going fairly smoothly on area roads, primarily because not that many people have been out.

Both Riley County and Geary County authorities say that likely helped in terms of few problems the past 24 hours.

Geary County Sheriff Tony Wolf announced Thursday afternoon it had been pretty quiet in his county, with only a few slide-offs.. He attributes that to the  basic closing of Fort Riley, area schools, and numerous businesses.

Meanwhile, the Pottawatomie county sheriff’s department dispatcher tells KMAN there have been problems with crossovers at medians–with some becoming impassable. Problem areas particularly include McCall and highway 24, and other areas along highway 24. As snow plows do their work, the snow tends to pile up in those locations.

Only one injury accident is reported on the Riley county police report Friday morning, occurring shortly after two in the afternoon at Claflin and North Manhattan Avenue. The Kansas Highway Patrol has no injury accidents reported in the Manhattan area.
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