Local Restaurant Renovations May Benefit City Infrastructure


The city of Manhattan may get a boost in helping with public  infrastructure improvements through a private project from a local McDonald’s.

According to city manager Ron Fehr on Tuesday night the city commission will consider a proposal for allowing the construction of a new McDonald’s to go forward in its process, and if it does come to fruition the city will get some benefits on the eastern side of town.  The company would help widen the streets near the eastern roundabout, and improve other utility functions in the area.

The price of the  public improvements will be quite hefty, but Fehr says the company will increase their own sales taxes to cover the costs involved.  According to Fehr the tax increase would be somewhere from half to one percent.

The commission is set to debate possible new restrictions for the flood plain with input from the Wildcat creek working group, and new standards from FEMA on Tuesday night at city hall.



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