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Local residents gathered Wednesday evening at the Fire Department Headquarters to participate in a workshop for an update to the Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan.

Assistant Director for planning, Eric Cattell says the original Comprehensive Plan was created 11 years ago and was expected to last for 20-25 years, but dramatic growth in the area prompted the need for an update.

“Right after that plan was adopted in 2003, we had the 2005 BRAC process with Fort Riley,” Cattell said. “So between Fort Riley growth and just growth within the community at K-State and other areas, it just seemed like it was time to revisit the plan.”

On Wednesday, residents provided feedback on the existing goals and objectives contained within the 2003 Comprehensive Plan. On Thursday the Technical and Project Advisory Committees, comprised of local elected officials, will meet to go over the public’s feedback.

The City will look at several factors that drive population growth when putting together “Manhattan Area 2035”. Arguably the largest contributor is Kansas State University, especially with its 2025 plan  which includes NBAF.

“They’re really emphasizing research a lot more and potential spin-off from that research and so I think it’ll be a combination of both K-State as well as NBAF together being a magnate,” Cattell said.

“Manhattan Area 2035”  is in the second of three phases. The next step will occur in mid July when the City will hold public forums to identify future development areas in Manhattan.

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