Manhattan car museum takes guests on road trip down memory lane


Photo by Dave Lewis/KMAN

MANHATTAN — Hundreds of people gathered Saturday for the grand opening event at Manhattan’s new Midwest Dream Car Collection.

Executive Director Lynn Gentine spoke with KMAN about what makes the collection so special.


Gentine says the cars act like a photo album, triggering memories for those who come out and nostalgia for either a car they owned or someone they knew.

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As for the cars on the showroom floor Saturday, Gentine says that’s only the beginning of the collection.

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Those who signed up for memberships will be able to attend those special events on the nights they launch. Gentine was also asked how Curator Drew Casper, who was seriously injured shortly before the grand opening, would react to the museum now being open.

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The museum’s location at 3007 Anderson Ave. is in an area prone to flooding, as seen Labor Day weekend 2018 with the flooding of Wildcat Creek. Gentine says they’re prepared in the event of any future flooding.

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She says the location is ideal for a car museum as a former grocery store since it already has loading docks, which they use to deliver the vehicles.

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Officials have done their homework, traveling to other car museums across the Midwest to see what works and doesn’t work. Plans for expansion are in the works.




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