Manhattan City Commission Candidates Discuss Issues at Forum


City Commission CandidatesOn Sunday, the League of Women’s Voters invited candidates for Manhattan’s City Commission to a forum. The Candidates were asked several questions, including their opinion of Manhattan relying too much on sales tax, especially after the recent drop in sales tax revenues.

Regarding the topic, Rich Jankovich said Manhattan may be relying on sales tax revenues too much, but a lowered rate would cause higher taxation in other areas in an attempt to make up for the lost revenues.

John Ball agrees with Manhattan’s over-reliance of sales tax revenues, and says he is worried the money made through sales tax may not be used to cover over head costs for businesses.

Karen McCulloh said her concerns mostly lie at the state level, where the cutting of income tax puts pressure on property tax rates. She fears we may begin to see a series of mandates from the state level.

Bob Strawn, however, says Manhattan doesn’t rely too heavily on the revenues, and a good sales tax rate is a sign of a strong economy.

Usha Reddi says the recent drop in sales tax revenues could be due to lower sales for K-State home games. Reddi also stated Manhattan has a very healthy economy, with a lot of investment in local businesses.

Elections will be held on April 2nd.



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