Manhattan City Commission Denies Developer


The Manhattan City Commission decided to deny the rezoning ordinance of land located at 1845  College Heights road which would have allowed a high density living complex to be built near the university.

Residents came out to voice their opinions on both sides of the conflict, but the commission followed the Manhattan Urban Area Planning Board’s recommendation to deny the project.  The planning board voted unanimously to deny the ordinance  due to the project failing to follow the city’s comprehensive plan, and strains on city infrastructures such as traffic and drainage systems.

Commissioner Wynn Butler says another factor to consider  is the local residents in the immediate area who expect the zoning to be stable when they purchase their homes.

Commissioner Jim Sherow applauds the developers for the proposed projects design to maximize living space, but says it was the wrong place to build.  Sherow wants more involvement with K-State in future housing planning, and Mayor Loren Pepperd believes housing remains a critical issue as the city grows.

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce gave its year-end report, and renewal of contracts proposal.  The year-end report showed Manhattan running strong economically, and is showing itself to be a center for regional shopping.  The estimated 2012 retail earnings for the city is over 1 billion dollars.  Chamber officials say that figure doubles what most towns of similar size make in a year.



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