Manhattan City Commission Ponders Mandated Security Issue


A state mandate has forced the Manhattan City Commission to decide on what buildings if any they would improve to provide adequate security, and prevent the presence of concealed carry weapons within them.  The commission decided on studying the possibility improving the  security infrastructures of the municipal court building at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

As of July 1st the new state law allowing concealed carry in all state and municipal buildings will take effect…  Unless the buildings are outfitted with so called “adequate” security measures.   City attorney Bill Raymond says the entire state is having to decide on whether or not the cost of updating security in the facilities is feasible, or necessary.

Acceptable security measures include having metal detectors, and gun safes to secure legal concealed carry firearms, or a security guard at every entrance with a detection wand.

Mayor John Matta once again expressed his desire not to have every city building require a TSA checkpoint.  The final vote on the measure passed with a four to one vote to go forward with the municipal court building. Commissioner Usha Reddi dissented as she wanted more buildings added to the list.


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