Manhattan Commission Hears Aggieville Parking Plans


The Manhattan City Commission heard a group of proposals on Tuesday for potential parking fees for both on-street and off-street parking once the new Aggieville garage goes on line.

Up for further discussion will be the potential of charging those who park in the garage after 8 p.m. as a way to gain additional revenue, though it isn’t in the plans currently, according to Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers.

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Currently, parking enforcement is an eight-to-five process and Commissioner Usha Reddi questioned if enforcement shouldn’t occur later, to help maximize fees.  Hilgers said it can be addressed in the future.

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Plans are to encourage businesses in the district to have employees utilize the garage.  Reddi wondered about how best to handle permitting so that the cost doesn’t fall on those working.

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With a planned reconstruction and redevelopment of North Manhattan Avenue coming once the garage opens, the Aggieville Business Association Executive Director Dennis Cook thanked the city for planning to allow on-street parking for free for up to two hours for the near future.

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A proposed ordinance to set the fees will still come before the commission before the garage opens, and Commissioner Linda Morse noted that education will be key.

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It’s likely there will be adjustments to the fee and enforcement plan, including the potential of ways to handle gameday and event parking versus standard weekday enforcement.


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