Chick-Fil-A Receives Preliminary Approval


A new Chick-Fil-A development got the go ahead nod from the Manhattan city commission during Tuesday nights commission meeting in city hall.

The proposed first reading of an ordinance to allow the restaurant met with some questions regarding the construction of the restaurant on the 100 year flood plain, and adequate protection for the project.   Assistant director for planning Eric Cattell says the developers understand the issues with working in the flood plain, and plan on constructing the facility with a four foot fill.

The development would be constructed at the plaza where Staples, and Hastings are currently located. The new restaurant isn’t the only change being developed. The new site would host new landscaping, and signage.

The new plaza would be renamed to Manhattan Crossing. The commission voted unanimously to move forward with first readings of ordinances allowing a new residential development, and a Lot owned by Manko Window systems to change from commercial to industrial. The change to Lot 4 will allow the company to manufacture frames and open a new showroom.




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