Manhattan Mayor urges county commission to implement county mask mandate

The City of Manhattan’s mayor requested the Riley County commission follow the governor’s mask order during their meeting Thursday.
During public comment, Mayor Usha Reddi spoke to the commission about implementing a county wide mask mandate.  She says while there was push back from the city’s mandate, overall it has been a success.
“It’s worked really well, Kansans are just law abiding people.  For the most part, everybody has been following the requirements, as well as businesses,” says Reddi.
Reddi says while the county has more rural areas, the people still intertwine with the smaller communities and Manhattan in some way. With this, she asked the commission to consider accepting the governor’s newest mandate proposal or create their own.
Commissioner John Ford responded to Reddi saying needs some time to review and figure out what their best approach will need to be.
“We’ll work with either ourselves or the health department and the EOC to tailor what will be in the best interest for the community and region as a whole,” says Ford.
Reddi reminded the commission that it is just a temporary measure. The city will also be reviewing their mandate again next month as it expires at the end of the year.
No action was taken.

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