Manhattan Regional Airport enplanement numbers are on the rise

Business is starting to pick up at Manhattan Regional Airport.
Manhattan Regional Airport is seeing a relatively significant increase in enplanements when compared to last year.
Enplanement numbers at Manhattan Regional Airport this year during the month of April are 785 percent higher than in 2020.
However, numbers are still down from where they were at pre-covid in 2019.
“In ’19, we had 6,000 people fly and so, even in ’21, with 2,400 people flying, we’re still not quite to our ’19 pre-covid numbers,” Romo said. “We’re down 61 percent compared to that.”
Wherever the numbers may be, Romo says it’s still good to see that local statistics are on trend with the rest of the nation.
“It’s been really good for us to see that,” Romo said. “As our numbers decrease, so do the nation’s. As our numbers increase, so does the nations. It’s nice to show that we’re not an anomaly when we’re talking to airlines and trying to get service back.”
Despite the positive trajectory of passenger numbers and the recent decision by the Riley County Commission to rescind its face-mask mandate, federal policy still requires the wearing of masks at Manhattan Regional Airport.

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