Manhattan Regional Airport reached record numbers in 2019


Record-setting year

Manhattan Regional Airport had a banner year in 2019.

Although 2018 brought a record number of enplanements to Manhattan Regional Airport, Jessie Romo, the airport’s director, says 2019 brought even more.

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He says this doesn’t include charter planes, which brings the amount of enplanements in 2019 to over 80,000.

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Manhattan Regional Airport also saw an 11 percent increase in airplane-seating capacity for passengers.

Parking improvements

Now that 2020 is here, improvements to the Manhattan Regional Airport parking lot will soon begin.

Airport Director Jessie Romo explains some of the work that will be done.

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Although a specific start time hasn’t been announced, Romo says much of the work will be done this summer.

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In addition to signage, updates on parking lot improvements will be posted on Manhattan Regional Airport social media accounts.

With the parking improvements coming up, airport customers can also expect parking fees to go into effect later this year.

Romo says although some customers may be unhappy about a parking fee being used to help fund the improvements, it is a more fair option than other sources of funding.

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He also says the addition of an ATA-bus stop at the airport may serve as an alternative to driving to and parking at the airport in the future.

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The parking fee won’t go into effect until later this year and will be a maximum of $5 per day.

Runway improvements

Romo also provided some updates on efforts to improve the airport’s runway, saying they are currently in the stage of providing data to the Federal Aviation Administration, including information on runway dimensions.

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He also says customers don’t have to worry about the runway shutting down for improvements quite yet.

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