Manhattan Sales Tax Numbers Down

Bernie Hayen

Bernie Hayen

Manhattan sales tax numbers are down substantially from the November numbers last year at the same time, but City Finance Director Bernie Hayen says no need to get discouraged.

Hayen reminds us last November’s numbers were extremely high.

The actual numbers for November though show $825,784 collected, which is down $209,474 from last year’s November number of $1,035,258. The numbers are also down $186,245 from the adjusted projected budget.

Much of last year’s large collection was based on intercollegiate athletics’ additional $100,000 .The other change from last year was Wal-Mart paid half its December payment early.

Hayen says there are still reasons to be optimistic that the year-end numbers should be good in terms of collection.

A reminder November numbers actually reflect two months prior or September.


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