Manhattan Sales Tax Numbers Down

Bernie Hayen

Bernie Hayen

Perhaps it was the colder weather, but Manhattan sales tax receipt numbers went down in March, which actually reflect two months prior, or January.
Manhattan Finance Director Bernie Hayen released the numbers Monday morning, indicating sales tax numbers of $813,574, which is the lowest in the last three years. The amount collected in 2012 was about $892,087 , with  $874,400 collected in 2013.
The 2014 numbers are $78,314 lower than the forecasted amount of nearly $891,888 and $63,030 lower than the 2014 budget projection of $824,068. However the monthly budget amount does not include “TIF” sales taxes.
Hayen indicates he told Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce President Lyle Butler to blame the colder weather in January. Again March numbers actually reflect two months prior, or January sales tax receipts.

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