Manhattan’s Piano Virtuoso


Most of us at age 13, probably weren’t playing piano pieces by Beethoven and Mozart, with ease. However that’s just what 13 year-old Manhattan resident, Barry Zhang , loves to do.

“Working on the piano is very hard, and you have to do a lot of it to be able to just maintain the level you are with the pieces you’re playing. But what makes it fun, is going to a competition and then performing,” said Barry Zhang.

Barry started playing piano at just five years of age and has astounded his teachers ever since.

“He is, at age 13, playing music that is beyond me, and I have a master’s degree in piano. There are other students in highschool etcetera who can probably play on this level, but they are very very very few and far between,” said Nancy Blockcolsky, Barry’s summer teacher and performance coach.

Barry Zhang will play with the Community Chamber Orchestra this Saturday at seven p.m. at the Old Morganville School, in Morganville, KS.
Tickets are $6 per Person or $15 per Family and can be purchased online at



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