MATC to celebrate National Career Technical Education Day

Manhattan Area Technical College is celebrating National Career Technical Education Day tomorrow.
According to MATC president Jim Genandt, CTE Day is when students commit to the technical college they plan to attend.
“Washburn Tech and Wichita Tech go gangbusters on this,” Genandt said. “We’re playing catch up, but we’ve got, I think, 60 to 70 incoming students coming tomorrow to participate in that, again with social distancing and masks.”
He says the event gives MATC an opportunity to combat stigmas associated with technical colleges.
“It’s not that you’re too dumb to go to college,” Genandt said. “You’re going to a tech college. You’re using hands and mind to get a good skill and a good job.”
CTE Day is open to high school seniors, those who recently completed their GED and anyone else interested in attending MATC.

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