Meet your Pottawatomie County Commission candidate: Nancy McCarter


Nancy McCarter, the current Pottawatomie County clerk, will oppose Pat Weixelman, the current Pottawatomie County commissioner representing District 2, in this year’s election. (Photo courtesy of Nancy McCarter)

The Pottawatomie County Commission will have a little competition in this year’s election for who will represent District 2.

Nancy McCarter, the current Pottawatomie County clerk, will oppose District 2 incumbent Pat Weixelman.

KMAN sat down with Nancy and talked about her background as a county clerk, why she is running for commission and her stances on various county issues. This conversation can be found below.

Can you tell me a little bit about your family life and time in Pottawatomie County?

      McCarter 1

Which part of Pottawatomie County do you currently live in?

      McCarter 2

How long have you been the Pottawatomie County clerk?

      McCarter 3

What have your responsibilities been as the county clerk?

      McCarter 4

 What prompted you to run for county commission?

      McCarter 5

How will your experience as county clerk translate to being a county commissioner?

      McCarter 6

What are some key issues you will attempt to address if elected as county commissioner?

      McCarter 7

How do you feel about the county’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic so far?

      McCarter 8

How do you feel the county commission has performed in carrying out its own responsibilities while also delegating tasks to departments and department heads (particularly during the pandemic)?

      McCarter 9

What would your approach be in a situation where you and another commissioner don’t see eye-to-eye on an issue?

      McCarter 10

What is your stance on mail-in versus in-person voting, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?

      McCarter 11

Do you believe the government has an obligation to be as accessible to the public as possible and do you think there is more the commission can do to make their meetings more accessible to the public, especially since restrictions currently prevent in-person attendance?

      McCarter 12

How do you feel the commission’s overall approach to their budget and spending money on projects has been the last couple of years?

      McCarter 13

What are some qualifying factors you would look at when deciding if a project is worth spending on?

      McCarter 14

McCarter’s last day as the Pottawatomie County clerk will be January 11, 2021.

KMAN is reaching out to Pat Weixelman for comments on his election campaign.


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