Meet your Pottawatomie County Commission candidate (round 2): Nancy McCarter


Nancy McCarter is the current Pottawatomie County clerk and will face Pat Weixelman, the incumbent county commissioner for District 2, in this year’s election. (Photo courtesy of Nancy McCarter)

Nancy McCarter, the current Pottawatomie County clerk, will face Pat Weixelman, a Pottawatomie County commissioner who was represented District 2 for about 12 years, in this year’s election.

KMAN spoke with McCarter about what would make her a good county leader and her stances on various county issues.

This conversation can be found below.

What background, education and career experience do you have that would contribute to making you a good county leader?

      McCarter 1

What are some ideas you have for addressing county needs?

      McCarter 2

What are your thoughts on the current state of the county’s budget?

      McCarter 3

What are your thoughts on the county’s response to the coronavirus pandemic so far?

      McCarter 4

You said that you believe the county has done a good job so far, but are there any areas where it can do better?

      McCarter 5

What changes, if any, would you like to see in the providing of services by county agencies?

      McCarter 6

Will your election candidacy and job as the county clerk interfere with each other?

      McCarter 7

What makes you different from the current county commissioners or anyone you may be running against?

      McCarter 8

Is there anything you else you would like to discuss as far as the election goes?

      McCarter 9

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