Metropolitan Planning Organization Moves Forward


Manhattan City commissioners chose the larger regional map for the intial start up of the organization.

The metropolitan planning organization map 4a was voted in, and Commissioner Wynn Butler was appointed as Manhattan’s interim policy board representative.  Commissioners John Matta and Butler opposed the larger map 4a option due to questions about the MPO process, but were out voted by the rest of the commission.

Commissioner Richard Jankovich says the MPO can be scaled back if needed.  Commissioner James Sherow said there is a strong sense of support from the surrounding community’s that was conducive to the operation of a larger MPO borders.

 The commission also determined a demolition permit for 1446 Laramie Street should go forward due to detrimental economic conditions for owner/investor Wildcat Property Management.  However, several local Historical conservation groups and citizens disagreed with the opinion. 

Manhattan resident Linda Glasgow says the house has significant historical value and it was home to a local architectual icon. Despite her argument commisioners voted to grant the permit four to one with James Sherow casting the dissenting vote.

The commission voted unanimously to approve an amendment to a future residential unit to allow for construction of multifamily units near Scenic Drive.

Commissioners also approved an ordinance that will allow a new Manhattan hotel on the north side of Bluemont Avenue across from the east side of the Kansas State University campus grounds.  The new motel would provide a new lounge area, but will not offer space for a tavern or create an extension of the Aggieville area.



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