MHK Control Tower Negotiations Are A Go For Take Off


The Manhattan Regional Airport is getting the go ahead nod from the Manhattan city commission to keep their airtraffic control towers operational after funds are cut from the contractors on May 5th.

City officials approved city staff to enter negotiations with Midwest Air Traffic Control to keep the control tower open until September 13th of 2013.

Commissioner Jim Sherow says the tower is vital for ensuring continued growth of the airport, and believes the tower is essential for drawing in a new airline.

Commissioner Wynn Butler says he is worried the tower will have to be funded by the city indefinetly,  and wanted more analysis on the actual impact of losing the air traffic control tower would have on airport operations.

However, negotiations will go forward and utilize a $162,000 ceiling from the city’s general reserve fund.

Meanwhile, Mayor Loren Pepperd was not happy with a proposed six month extension for Noble Hospitality project on the south end development district.  Pepperd says the whole deal should have been conducted differently, and perceived the transaction as a gift lot which will prevent the city from seeing its fair share of revenues from the land.

Manhattan resident Richard Hill disagreed with the Mayor’s assessment, and  told the commission Noble Hospitality has done an admirable job of developing the area.

The extension was approved by the commission with a four to one vote.  Mayor Loren Pepperd cast the dissenting ballot.



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