MHS students overdose on cough medicine


Several Manhattan High students are still recovering after overdosing on cough medication before class on Tuesday.

According to police reports, four students – two 15-year olds and two 16-year olds – intentionally consumed an excessive amount of over the counter cough medicine in an attempt become intoxicated. Instead, the four students became ill.

One student was transported by Riley County EMS to Mercy Regional Health Center. The remaining three students were transported by their parents to various locations for treatment.

Manhattan/Ogden Communications Coordinator Michele Jones is classifying the event as an isolated incident, adding that it isn’t indicative of a larger problem.

“We urge our students and parents to be aware of the potential for abuse for common over the counter cold medication,” Jones said. “It is important to know the facts about OTC products and medication abuse by closely monitoring the use of certain household substances.”


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