Moran Speaks on Ag Issues in Manhattan Wheat Tour Stop


Senator Jerry Moran’s Kansas Wheat Tour stopped in Manhattan Thursday afternoon, giving him an opportunity to talk with the Kansas Wheat Commission board.

Among the topics Moran addressed was the aftermath of the United States withdrawing its military from Afghanistan. He says there’s likely to be a need Kansas farmers can help ease.

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With the Senate likely to address infrastructure in the final quarter of the year, Moran says it’s important to have the focus on how agriculture is impacted if no action is taken.

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Moran says the top item farmers have on their mind when he talk with them is the cost of inputs.

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A taxing proposal by the Biden Administration also is drawing concern, according to Moran, as it would impact how the estate tax is utilized. He says that could have far reaching negative impacts for those trying to keep farmland in their family.

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Moran was on his Kansas Wheat Tour and utlized the opportunity to visit the Wheat Innovation Center and the Hal Ross Flour Mill at KSU Grain Science Center.


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