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Tim Huelskamp
U-S Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas wasn’t too surprised by the Presidents State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Huelskamp tells KMAN “Things are not good in the State of the Union. It’s not working very well. 24 million Americans are looking for a full-time job since he took office. Another 6.5 million Americans are in poverty.”

Huelskamp adds the President gave us many of the same proposals. The Representative says he was looking for something different such as less regulation and less government, encouraging some entrepreneurs, and to move forward.

And the Congressman says, “Actually the policies are going in the wrong direction,” adding he’s disappointed but not surprised. He says he’s expecting more of the same out of this administration and that it’s going backwards on many fronts.

Huelskanmp is holding five town halls Friday and he’s guessing the number one concern will be about a President who doesn’t like the elected representatives he was sent to serve with.


Full interview with US Congressman Tim Huelskamp


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