Mother Of Alleged Shooting Suspect Speaks Out

Photo provided by Linda Kinyon

Photo provided by Linda Kinyon

The mother of a man reportedly shot near the Quality Inn in Manhattan early Tuesday morning contacted KMAN, indicating her son had been lifeflighted after a domestic altercation at that location on East Ponytz Avenue. The woman identified herself as Linda Kinyon, and talked about her son, who she says is a contractor in Wamego and in his 30’s. She describes her son as hard-working, and with two beautiful children.

Kinyon says the Quality Inn is a familiar location to her, even though she lives in Oklahoma, as she says that’s where the family stayed when he was married. While divorced now, she says he and his ex-wife are friends.

Kinyon tells KMAN her son even planned to come visit her in Oklahoma for Christmas with his children, having just gotten back from his father’s in South Carolina for Thanksgiving.

She adds her son doesn’t carry weapons, but says he does hunt turkeys, elk, and deer–and takes his children hunting. She says she doesn’t understand why he would have to be shot and that he isn’t a bad person.


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