Multiple races for municipal, school board positions across Riley, Pottawatomie Counties


The November municipal and boards of education ballots are set as the deadline to file passed at noon, June 3, bringing out multiple last minute filings.

For the City of Manhattan, the only incumbent seeking re-election is Commissioner and former Mayor Linda Morse. Current Mayor Mike Dodson and Commissioner Jerred McKee are not seeking re-election.

KSU Microbiologist Maureen Sheahan announced her candidacy for one of three seats up for vote. She joins former media professional and comedian Mary Renee Shirk and Counselor/Pastor Sarah Siders who filed last Friday. Thursday, former Commissioner/Mayor Mark Hatesohl and Berry Streets resident Vincent Tracey joined the race as well.

Additionally, local veteran and young professional Kaleb James and former USD 383 Board of Education member Aaron Estabrook have been filed since April.

The two highest vote earners will receive four-year terms. The remaining winner will serve for two years.

Riley County cities

Current Ogden City Councilor Eladio Reid, Jr. has joined current Mayor Robert Pence, Jr. in filing to run to be Ogden’s mayor. Reid and all current councilors including Ed Burch, Ken Carroll, Roger Graham and Quinn Jacobs have filed to run for re-election to the council. Other candidates who have filed for the election are  Rosio Duarte, Charles Heath and Paul Foltz.

The City of Riley will be voting for its mayor as well as two council positions — all of which have four-year terms. Current Mayor Tim Sharp is running unopposed for his seat. Additionally, current Councilor William Isom is running for re-election and Samantha Brown is seeking the final seat on the ballot.

The City of Randolph will have six seats available including its mayor in November. The City of Leonardville will also vote for its mayor and three city councilors. No candidates filed by the deadline.

Riley County Boards of Education

Five candidates have filed for four available seats on the Manhattan-Ogden USD383 school board.

Earlier today, Brandy Santos announced her candidacy for the board. Last week, Joseph Dasenbrock has entered the race. Dasenbrock is a senior marketing research analyst at Hanesbrands, according to his LinkedIn account. He joins current Board Members Curt Herrman and Darell Edie in seeking election in November. Additionally, local Businesswoman Kristin Brighton has also filed for a seat. Current Board members Dave Colburn and Leah Fliter did not file for re-election.

Riley County USD 378’s board has four filings for four seats as well. Current members Kyle Bohnenblust, Shane Allen and Jared Larson have filed for re-election. SMH Consultants Vice-President Jeff Hancock is seeking one of the four seats as well.

For the Blue Valley Randolph USD 384 Board, there are also four candidates seeking four available seats. Mitch Innes, Stephen Corkill and Jason Hartman have all filed for re-election. Additionally, Amy Cassel of Olsburg rounds out the school board candidates.

Riley County election information can be found here.

Pottawatomie County cities

One seat on the Wamego City Commission will be on the ballot in November. That’s held by current Mayor Tom Beem, who is seeking re-election. Beem is opposed by Daniel Tidwell for the position 5 seat.

Three council seats are available on the Westmoreland City Council. Council member seats up for election are currently filled by Mark Jack, Jim Moore and Waide Purvis, of whom Jack and Purvis are seeking to retain their seats. The third seat is sought by Jeffrey Zimmerman.

The mayorship of the City of Belvue — east of Wamego — is up for election this year, currently held by LeRoy Brunkow. Bradford Caudill and Norman Stutzman are facing off to become mayor. Additionally, two seats on the city council will also be on the ballot. Pottawatomie County Clerk Nancy McCarter told KMAN in May she believes the seats are currently held by Alan Michaelis and Linda Brunkow. Only James Horak filed to run for a seat on the council.

The mayor position is also on the ballot in the City of Emmett — north of St. Marys — currently filled by John Roth, who is running unopposed for re-election. Five seats on the city council will also be on the ballot. The current council is made up of LouAnn Kling, Kim Roth, Tereas Mayhew, Wayne Pauli and Paige Holz. Kim Roth and Paige Holz are seeking to retain their seats. No other candidates filed.

There’s a six-way race for the three positions on the November ballot for the Havensville City Council. Havensville is located east of Onaga. Current councilors holding those offices are John Niehues, Tasha Lara and Josh Mapes — all of whom are seeking re-election. Additionally, Jesse Pinick, Jake Reisinger and Stacy Pinick are seeking seats on the council as well.

The mayorship of the City of Louisville — north of Wamego — is up for grabs this November as well. The office is currently held by Bobby Benton and he’s unopposed in running for the seat. Five council positions will also be on the ballot as well. Currently filling those seats are David Prockish, Rick Weeks, Ray Sender, Tim Streeter and Kathy Weeks. Catherine and Rick Weeks as well as David Prockish are seeking to stay in office. No other candidates filed.

Three council seats are also available in the City of Olsburg. Residents filling those seats currently are Mike Krause, Aric Cassel and David Gibson. All of those candidates are looking to retain their position.

Onaga’s mayorship will be on the November ballot. Its current mayor is August Hartwich. David Labbe and Rodney Tucker are facing of for the position. The city will also vote on three council positions. Current members in those positions are Tom Walsh, Max Loughmiller and Dale Renfro — of whom only Renfro filed for re-election. Other candidates include Chase Sperber, Alex Miller and Robby McGowan.

The office of Mayor for the City of St. George is up for election this year, currently held by Tim Pralle. He’s filed to run to keep his seat. He’ll have to beat opponents Hans Tessman and Dennis Tobias in November. Two seats on the city council will also be on the ballot. Rodney Hoover and Christopher Collins are currently filling those seats. Collins is running for re-election, but will face off against five opponents. Those candidates are Tim Flanary, Matthew Ruhnke, Stacey Kraemer, Kendall Ricker and Nick Cahoj.

Two city commission seats are also available in the city of St. Mary’s as well. Commissioners holding those seats currently are Vice Mayor Patrick Murtha and Francis Awerkamp. Only Awerkamp filed to run.

Wheaton residents will vote for their mayor this November as well. Their current mayor is Terry Force and he’s running unopposed. Additionally, five council seats held by George Gier, Lonnie Kufahl, Roger Magnett, Scott Kufahl and Jim Bailey are also up for grabs as well. Only Magnett filed to run.

Pottawatomie County Boards of Education

Four seats are available on each school board in the county as well.

Wamego Public Schools USD 320 has positions currently filled by Michele Johnson, Ryan Hargitt, Nicolette Zeigier and Bruce Colemen on the ballot. Johnson, Coleman and Hargitt are seeking to retain their seats — they’ll be facing Deb Long, Monica Shaffer and Claudia McAlister, respectively. Terra Miller and Bana Stelk are facing off for Zeigier’s seat.

USD 323 Rock Creek Schools has positions currently filled by Trevor Jensen, Dee Forge, Stuart Schwarz and Anna Nippert on the ballot. Schwarz and Nippert are running unopposed. Forge will face off with Eric Whaley for Forge’s seat. Glynn Tonsor and Brian Bittle have filed to run for Jensen’s current seat, who did not file.

Kaw Valley USD 321 has positions currently filled by Bill Mulligan, Kimberly Gillum, Gene Lueger and Alan Streit on the ballot. Gillum and Streit are seeking to retain their seats with no opposition. Leuger is seeking re-election, opposed by Michelle Martin. Mulligan’s current seat is being sought solely by Adrienne Olejnik.

Onaga USD 322 has positions currently filled by Tasha Lara, Marcus Weiser, Jeff Koelzer and Scott Brunkow on the ballot. Tara and Koelzer are unopposed in seeking to retain their seats. Weiser did not file for re-election, his seat is being sought unopposed by Dustin Utley. Brunkow also did not file to run, his seat is being sought by Sarah McKinsey, Brian Matson and Lisa Meyer.

Pottawatomie County election information can be found here.

Cities with primaries will hold them on August 6. The general election will be on November 5.


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