Two Manhattan Area Officials Witness Daytona Crash

KHP Lt. Greg Harkrader

KHP Lt. Greg Harkrader


KSt. Police Capt. Don Stubbings

KSt. Police Capt. Don Stubbings


A Nascar crash that injured more than 30 people had a couple of eyewitnesses well-known to KMAN news. Frequently interviewed Kansas Highway Patrol Lt. Greg Harkrader and Kansas State Police Captain Don Stubbings were present at the event. Harkrader admits it was surreal, with he and Stubbings only a couple sections away from the crash Saturday.

Lt. Harkrader admits he and Stubbings were there for both business and pleasure, saying they had an opportunity to view the race while also learning about work behind the scenes.

Harkrader adds family members were immediately calling them after the horrific crash but they’re both fine.

Stubbings admits the once in a lifetime opportunity turned out much differently than he expected but says he admired the way the emergency situation was handled.

And the Kansas State Police Captain adds it was a good chance to get a behind the scenes look at how the emergency operation center works, with all the latest technology.


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