NBAF officials provide update on employment numbers and demographics

There will likely be employees from all over the country working at the the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility when it is fully up and running.
“According to our demographic, we have like 32 different states that have people calling them as home within our USDA demographic,” Dr. Ken Burton, NBAF coordinator, said. “Just under 50 percent are Kansas residents and I think just over 50 percent are coming from other areas.”
Katie Pawlosky, NBAF communications director, says as far as hiring numbers go, over half of the positions have been filled.
“We’ve hired or made tentative selections for 232 of the 275 operations-team members, so we’ve come really far,” Pawlosky said. “We’ll have about 400 people on our team when all is said and done.”
While the NBAF completion timeline has experienced some delays, the mission transfer from Plum Island is expected to be completed by December 2023.

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