New CivicPlus Facillity Breaks Ground


Ground Breaking Civi Plus

CivicPlus is a government website developement company who specializes in the building of city and county e-government communications systems. These systems are designed to help the communication process between citizens and their local governments. Known as the leader in government website development and digital community engagement software, CivicPlus serves more than 1,300 local government websites and 50 million citizens across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

CivicPlus held a groundbreaking ceremony in Manhattan on the corner of Fourth and Pierre streets on Wednesday, where a new building is said to be completed by early 2014. Patrons  around Manhattan may know this area as the former Manhattan Appliance and Sleep Source location. The finished building will stand at five stories tall with the first floor containing a restaurant and retail space while the company occupies the remaining four floors.

As of now, the company is spread out in different buildings in Manhattan with over 120 employees. CivicPlus plans on growing this number to more than 250 employees within the next ten years. When asked why the company chose to expand in the Little Apple rather than travel to another city, Founder and CEO of CivicPlus, Ward Morgan, says “Manhattan is a unique community. With a population of nearly 50,000 people, it has the amenities of a larger city combined with a small town feel. We’re very appreciative of the city of Manhattan and the Manhattan city of Commerce for making it a reality for us to be able to stay in the city of Manhattan.”



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