New Water and Sewer Rates Approved


A raise in Water and Sewer rates was on the table at Tuesday night’s Manhattan City Commission meeting.

A 3 percent rate hike in water and sewer rates are actually a reduction when compared to the projected 4% increase which was thought to be coming in 2013.  City Officials say the reduction of the hike was brought about by a very dry summer and increased revenues from water rates.

The hikes are part of a 2010 City Commission plan to flatten the rates between commercial and residential users.  City officials say the rate hikes are mostly due to loans taken out to comply with  mandatory regulatory changes to sewer systems, and new construction which includes the realignment of K-18.

City Manager Ron Fehr says he believes the rates will not decrease, but he believes they will stabilize for the rest of the term of the loans.

Commissioners also approved new design projects for storm water drainage improvements for Poyntz Avenue.

Manhattan City Commission wear K-State colors to show support for the Wildcats.





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