Non-birth Parent Seeks Role in Sperm Donor Case


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) The latest sparring in a Kansas sperm donor child support case is over the role of the birth mother’s former same-sex partner in the proceedings.

Angela Bauer and her then-partner advertised online for a sperm donor in 2009. The donor, a Topeka man, says he signed a contract waiving his parental rights and responsibilities, and Bauer’s former partner became pregnant.

But because no doctor was involved in the artificial insemination, the state sought to hold the donor financially responsible when the women split and the former partner sought public assistance.

Bauer has asked to intervene in the child support case, saying she wants to co-parent the child. She and the sperm donor have now asked a Shawnee County judge to reconsider her recent ruling that it’s premature to let Bauer intervene.


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