Overcrowding ordinance on Manhattan City Commission agenda


The next Manhattan City Commission meeting will be looking at new ordinances to regulate overcrowding in Aggieville businesses, and especially during Fake Patty’s day.

Manhattan Assistant City Manager Jason Hilgers tells KMAN the new ordinances is constructed of three parts.  First is increasing the fine for overcrowding citations, the second part allows Riley County police officers to issue a citation… originally only the fire department could issue the fines, and the last component entails giving officials the ability to shut down violators for 24 hours for repeat offenses.

Other agenda items include several consent motions, and new regulations on snow removal for Manhattan residents.

The meeting will be held at the Manhattan City Commission room, with a discussion/briefing session Tuesday at 5:30 pm, followed by the regular meeting at seven.  The meeting is televised on Manhattan Cox Cable Channel three.


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