Overtime, promotions discussed at Law Board meeting


The issue of Riley County Police over time pay came up at the Riley County Law Board meeting on Monday.

Board Chair Karen McCulloh voiced her concern, pointing out the RCPD was already running at 75% of their allotted overtime hours.

RCPD Director Brad Schoen explained that the numbers were par for the course, adding they usually do run over a bit every year.

Schoen said that court cases, and incidents such as the recent murder investigations tend to drive up the over time hours.  To date RCPD is at 75 percent of its overtime budget for the year.

Also during the law board meeting, two RCPD officers were promoted. Police officer Ryan Flerlage was promoted to Seargeant.  Flerlage has a bachelor of science degree from Washburn University, and serves in the special investigation unit.

Police officer Brad Ingalls was also promoted to Sergeant.  Ingalls has a bachelor of science from Emporia State University in criminology.

Sergeant Flarloge and  Sergeant Ingalls are now assigned as a shift supervisors in the patrol division.


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