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Riley County Law Enforcement Center

New information has been released regarding an unusual automobile accident that occured early Friday morning.

KMAN reported on Friday that Riley County police recieved a report that two people had not arrived to where they were supposed to be. Police conducted a search and found a vehicle in a ditch near Deep Creek Road.

Riley County police told reporters on Monday that what happened was that around 2:29 a.m. on Friday,  Daniel McDowell (21) of 120 Butterfield Road was driving a blue 2012 Kia Forte south east on Deep Creek Road. The road curved to the right, and McDowell was unable to negotiate it. The vehicle ran off the road on the left, crashed into a fence, continued through a field, went airborn over a gravel road and ended up in a culvert on the other side.

McDowell, and his passenger  Cody Macduffy (21) of 709 Julliette, left the scene and made their way to Macduffy’s home,where they were found by police. They both had minor injuries, but refused  transport to the hospital.

Police say that alcohol, as well as speed and reckless driving contributed to the accident.

McDowell was cited for DUI, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving on a suspended or cancelled license, and failure to report an accident. Macduffy was cited for not having liability insurance, as he allowed someone to operate his car, while knowing that it was not insured.

McDowell was also arrested and charged with DUI, reckless driving, driving on a cancelled license, and failure to report an accident. He was released on a $6,000 bond.


A string of criminal damage to property incidents leaves some Riley residents with flat tires.

Riley county police told reporters on Monday that four different incidents of tires being punctured, occuring between Friday at 10:30 p.m. and Saturday at 6:30 a.m. were reported to them.

The first victim was Jennifer Miller (40)  who resides at 328 North Noble Street in Riley. Miller had two tires damaged for a loss of $300. The second victim was  U.S. army soldier David Sheltrown (41) of 327 North Lake Street in Riley. Sheltrown had one tire damaged worth $150.

The third victim was Jeffery Roeser (46) of 223 North High Street in Riley. Roeser had four tires damaged valued at $600.

The final victim was  Melvin Germann (49) of 315 North High Street in Riley. Germann has two tires damaged worth $300.

The total cost of these damages is $1,300. The suspect is unknown and police are continuing to investigate.


Riley County police told reporters on Monday that an information report was filed with them on Saturday regarding an alleged sexual assault.

The report alleges that the incident took place between 10:00 a.m. on December 8th and 4 a.m. on December 9th in Manhattan, KS. The victim is a 49 year old female.

The suspect is unknown.


Unauthorized bank withdrawals lead to a significant loss for a local business .

Riley County police told reporters on Monday that 451 Degree Protection Inc, located at 425 McCall Road in Manhattan was the victim of a theft.

Daniel Schirer (56) of the company reported to police on Saturday afternoon that between October 31st and December 13th, over $17,300 had been withdrawn from their business account at Kansas State bank without permission.

The suspect is unknown and police are investigating.


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