Police Blotter March 28, 2013


A Manhattan man was arrested for failing to report to jail on Wednesday afternoon.

Riley County Police arrested 44-year-old David Ray Lewis on a warrant. Lewis was originally charged with possession of opiates, and other controlled substances.

Lewis being held by police without bond.

Riley county Police arrested a Manhattan man on burglary charges.

33-year-old Micheal Westgate was charged with residential burglary. 74-year-old Norma Nordgren told police her house near the 400 block of Valley Drive was burglarized, and assorted tools were taken from the residence.

Westgate is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Police are investigating an alleged burglary in Ogden.

According to Riley county police reports 54-year-old Dennis Gilliam reported a suspect known to him stole various electronic equipment, and movies, from his residence near the 400 block of west 15th street. Among the items reported stolen were an iPad, iPod, a Nintendo DS, a Playstation console, and games. Total estimated loss is $2,417. Gilliam says the suspect first stole a key, and then gained access to his home.

Police are investigating, and no arrests have been made at this time.

Riley County Police say a Manhattan resident has reported an aggravated assault.

According to police reports Toby Argenbright reported a known suspect was arguing with him on Wednesday in a parking lot near his residence on the 2100 block of Sloan Street. During the altercation the suspect allegedly pulled up his shirt to reveal a firearm secured in his waistband, and then left as Argenbright called police.

Police say there were no injuries at the scene, and the investigation is ongoing.


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