Pott Co: Proposal presented to convert old jail into welcome center


A proposal to repurpose Pottawatomie County’s Old Jail was heard during Monday’s County Commission meeting.

This came via Dru Clarke, who provided both long and short-term initiatives for the project, the former including the conversion of the building into a Welcome Center.  Clarke said such a facility would be able to distribute information about the attractions of the region, and draw people north off the corridors of 24 and interstate 70, to the “blue highways” and the rural communities that embrace those roads and landscapes.

According to Clarke, more short-term initiatives would include the likes of official highway signage along major roadways, a weatherproof kiosk with text outlining the history of the courthouse and jail, and a guest book box and stand, to be filled with names of visitors, travelers, and tourists.

The Pottawatomie County Courthouse and Old Jail site was chosen as the annual service project of Broderick Family and Community Service Education, an outgrowth of KSU Extension.


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