Pott. County Commission hears budget proposal for 2021 general fund

The Pottawatomie County Commission went over the proposed general-fund budget for fiscal year 2021 during their meeting Monday.
As it stands right now, the county’s 2021 budget will be about $34.1 million, down from their 2020 budget of about $34.4 million.
The mill levy will be about 27.7 mills, down from about 28.2 mills in 2020.
Pottawatomie County financial officer Heather Gladbach explains why:
      Gladbach 1
The county is also looking to create a plan for future capital equipment expenditures, which consists of each department making a list current inventory and potential future equipment requests and estimating when certain equipment will need to be replaced.
Gladbach says these lists will change over time.
      Gladbach 2
The county commission will meet with various departments over the next couple weeks to discuss specific parts of the budget.
They will also hold a public hearing for the 2021 budget on August 10.

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