Pott. County Commission seeking flat budget for fiscal-year 2021; hears five budget requests

The Pottawatomie County Commission heard budget requests from five different organizations during its meeting Monday.
Of the five organizations, the Pottawatomie County K-State Research and Extension office was the only one to request an increase for fiscal-year 2021.
Their request of $236,056 is up from their current budget of $231,456.
Commissioner Greg Riat says the commission’s goal is to keep the county’s overall budget flat for fiscal-year 2021.
      Riat 1

Erin Tynon, a K-State Research and Extension agent, says the increase request is due in part to a lack of flexibility with employee salaries and benefits.

The remainder of the requests for fiscal-year-2021 budgets were in line with budgets from fiscal-year 2020.
Pawnee Mental Health Services requested $119,990, Big Lakes Developmental Center requested $170,605, the Pottawatomie County Conservation District requested $82,500 and the 3Rivers independent-living center requested $20,000.

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