Pott County Reviews “Laundry List”


Pottawatomie County commissionersThe new Justice Center in Westmoreland was yet again the central topic of Monday’s Pottawatomie County Commission meeting as a work session was scheduled.

The purpose behind the work session was to examine a few issues not covered in the original bid documents.

Robert Reece, County Administrator, had a list of about 40 items in which he reviewed with the commissioners and those present.

Some items that were brought up concerned the efforts of actually moving departments to their new places, where vending machines were going to go, storage for the departments, parking and curbs, along with a number of others.

No action was taken, but people are thinking of any other items that may need to be figured out before the completion of the project sometime in late June, early July.

Other items on the commission’s agenda included department updates from the noxious weed director, the register of deeds, the zoning administrator and the health director.


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