Pott. County Sees Tie in Bid Opening


Pottawatomie County commissionersA turn of events, lead to an extended time for bids.

Upon opening the sealed bids for the Nelson Ridge II for sewer, street and water, it was discovered both Bennington State Bank and St. Mary’s State Bank had bid the exact same amount.

Both had offered up an interest rate of .64%.

The Pottawatomie County Commission decided to have each bank resubmit a bid by 11:00 AM Monday.

Upon the second bid closing for this item, there was only one bid given and that was from Bennington State Bank with an interest rate of .59%.

The commission approved the contract with Bennington as St. Mary’s State Bank did not respond.

The commission was also encouraged during the meeting by John Watt, County Counselor, to begin planning for the security plan for conceal and carry as the plan will need to be designed before the January 1, 2014 deadline.

There was also a department update from Scott Schwinn, County Sanitarian and Transfer Station Supervisor, giving July’s numbers, which had a fluctuation of increase in some areas and a decrease in others.

Schwinn also received approval from the commission to hold the Fall Free Day on October 5, 2013.

The commission tabled a zoning request from an individual looking to change an agricultural designation of a piece of land to residential, but there were a couple of issues designated by the board that has caused this request to negate expectations of the Planning Committee.

Because of this, the commission will be talking with the Planning Committee about their regulations and possibly returning back to the request.


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