Pott. County Commissioners Talk Repairs


Pottawatomie County commissionersDuring Monday’s Pottawatomie County Commission meeting, representatives from the Westmoreland City Council stopped in to talk about a few concerns.

Jim Moore, a council member in Westmoreland, brought forth pictures and a presentation on some of the damage that is being caused by the Justice Center project and the new EMS building.

Along the Justice Center, there has been a decrease in area for ditch drainage as dirt and supplies are constantly being moved around, which has raised some concerns to how water flow will be once the project is completed.

There has also been some complaints, according to Moore, about water running into neighbors yards and even basements.

Before moving to the EMS building, Moore asked if the county could possibly help to resurface the roads by the center as well.

Gary Yenzer, Pottawatomie County Commissioner, explained that he feels the county should take responsibility for any damage they have done.

Stan Hartwich, Pottawatomie County Vice Chair, second the sediment by stating, “I’m willing to do what we need to do.”

A county resident scheduled time during the meeting Monday to discuss his property and the request to be exempted from the Sanitary Sewer Code 2.7 that would need to be done now that he had to go through a rezoning and re platting.

Hartwich and Yenzer both emphasized getting the correct legal wording for the request.  This would mean to make sure that if the property were to ever leave the hands of family, then a new system would have to be installed.

The commission also hear about the bridge testing last week, as Bob Awerkamp, of Belvue, come in to give his opinion on how things went.

The commission will meet again next Monday.



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