Pottawatomie County Cases Affirmed In Higher Court

Pottawatomie County Attorney Sherri Schuck

Pottawatomie County Attorney Sherri Schuck

Several Pottawatomie county court cases have been affirmed recently by the Kansas Court of Appeals.

One involves Justin Dern and two counts of aggravated criminal sodomy. The victims were two three year old girls, with the offenses occurring in 2010.

In a 21 page document, the Court of Appeals indicates that by applying current Kansas law as the court understands it, the two counts should stand. The opinion also states there was sufficient evidence to support Dern’s aggravated indecent liberties convictions.

Another Pottawatomie County case affirmed is the State of Kansas versus Justin L. Shafer, with Shafer charged with felony DUI and a third conviction for sentencing. The offense occurred in April of 2011 and Shafer entered a no contest plea.

A third case affirmed by the Court of Appeals involved a DUI sentence for Steven Cox in Pottawatomie County district court, which Cox appealed. The higher court affirmed, finding Cox was properly sentenced for a fourth or subsequent DUI conviction, adding the district court sentenced Cox based on the penalties in effect at the time he committed the offense.


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